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RB Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd. (RBTT) is a Travel Operator licensed by the Ministry of Culture, Art and Tourism Malaysia that provides Inbound, Outbound and Ticketing.
RBTT is poised to take advantage of this growth with an experienced and dedicated staff,excellent location, and effective management and marketing. RBTT will be a private limited owned and operated in Setiawangsa Business Suites, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. RBTT has grown into a reputable travel agency fully accredited under IATA and Malaysian Association of Travel and Tour Agents (MATTA). The founder and employees of RBTT are experienced travel industry professionals and are passionate about the activities RBTT will promote and offer spiritual enlightenment journey.
RBTT is researching the market to identify potential opportunities for future sales in this rapidly changing environment focus on spiritual adventure travel and “stress free management leisure”. RBTT’s long-term goal is to establish itself as an internationally recognized provider of top-of-the-line spiritual adventure travel for the Muslims and HALAL tour programs.


We aim to bring this vision of ‘TOGETHER IN ECLECTIC DREAMS’ around the world, as a leading Muslim Tourism Provider and an established Bumiputera Travel Agency that offers premium tailor-made world class services.


  • To give quality services at a competitive price.
  • To provide travel packages that exceeds our customer’s expectations.
  • To expand our operations regionally.


RBTT offer the most comfortable and affordable tailor-made world-class Hajj and Umrah packages. Each and every package has been diligently designed prioritising your comfort, convenience, confidence and most importantly quality that will assist you gaining the ultimate solace while performing your Umrah and Hajj. Essentially, a “Mabrur” Hajj and Umrah.

RBTT might offers over 30 international tour packages to more than 12 countries around the world and over 50 domestic tour packages to be explored. Discover our unique packages that will bring your vacation to life and the most memorable one. There’s always something new to discover, from the vibrant city life of diverse ancient history and colourful culture to mesmerizing sceneries of the countryside.


We have a selection of our own homegrown resort in perfect location to enjoy the nearby attractions and wildlife. Each of our residences is unique in its own way with a blend of magnificent ambience that makes your stay pleasant and comfortable, suitable for both leisure and official trip.

We offer the best flight deals covering almost every destination, from our strategic airline partners. Wherever is your destination, we are at your service as we treat your flight just as important as the rest of your holiday. So, book your flight tickets with us now for your entire preferred destination.


RBTT practices lean and flat organizational structure. To move fast, be flexible and become more robust of any unexpected challenges that aims to achieve continuous competitive advantage in serving its customers as we speed up information flows, have a close and trust-based relationships.
The people in this establishment are people who are particular about tourism industry, thus they understand the importance of giving a quality services to the customers because we ourselves are customers to our product. We are a small business, therefore, each of us have many duties and must wear “several hats”.

Our Values

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We offer daily tours

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As a company that builds success in travel, RBTT is helping realize a brighter, more prosperous future by continuously contributing in enhancing the value proposition to our clients.
We believe that our niche is our premium tailor-made world-class Hajj and Umrah services. We will continue providing clients with new value through a relentless pursuit of the innovative possibilities that spiritual travel is.
To increase the convenience and value factors, it is vital that innovation transform not only products and services but also the people and processes within RBTT. At RBTT, we are continuously innovating and transforming ourselves through performance management, which is our approach for improving business processes that will undoubtedly benefit our clients by using our talents and experience to enhance our value proposition.
We will continue striving to be customer-focused in our spiritual activities and use this approach to accelerate the expansion of global business and perfecting of our deliverables.
We are determined to enhance our business value in the eyes of our partners who support RBTT – our customers, business partners and employees.


We want RBTT to be known worldwide through partnership and collaboration with global hotel suppliers that can assist us in enhancing the world-class service for our clients, allowing them to experience a lifetime memorable spiritual experience.
We thrive to maintain our vision ‘Your Quality Travel Partner’ by building more research and development on tourism global trends and preferences to identify potential opportunities for future sales in this rapidly changing environment. We will shape and build our capacity by adapting latest ideas and sustainable tour packages in our products to ensure continuous growth.
Our specially crafted and tailor-made Hajj and Umrah packages are designed to meet our clients’ needs and requirements to ensure an enjoyable and hassle-free journey.